Talks + Workshops

September 2016

Languages for Specific Purposes Conference, University of Cambridge

Task-Based Learning in English for Engineers

May 2016

IATEFL Webinar

Ten Truths and a Lie About EMI

January 2016

IH Academic World Managers Conference

Plenary: Action Research

August 2015

TOBELTA Online Conference

Assessment Unplugged

July 2015

iTDi Summer Intensive

Action Research

April 2015

IATEFL Manchester

Parent-teacher dialogues

BELTA Belgium

Webinar: Action Research and the Voice of Teachers

February 2015

BBELT Mexico: Plenary Speaker

Pedagogy, Humanity and the Work of Teachers 

May 2014

GHRET/OECD Higher Education Reflection Group: Invited Speaker

EMI in France: Stories from practice for policy 

UPLEGESS CONGRESS: Invited Moderator

Round table: EMI in France 

April 2014

IATEFL Harrogate Conference

Teacher Development Pre-Conference Event: Key Concepts in Critical Discourse

Research Special Interest Group: How to engage with research talks 

Joint talk with Willy Cardoso:  Box-ticking or mind-mapping- Questions about ELT Professional Knowledge

March 2014

BELTA Belgium: Speaker

Critical Pedagogy

November 2013

TESOL France : Moderator

Luke Meddings and Evan Frendo: Ideas in Training 

November 2013

Instituto Empresa University /British Council Spain: Working Group Participant

The Role of English in Higher Education: Issues, Policy and Practice

November 2013

OECD/IMHE Workshop Participant

New Strategies for the Commercialisation of Public Research 

October 2013

Imperial College, London / Vision 2020 Network: Participant

Horizon 2020 for SMEs

September 2013

UCL/Franco-British Chamber of Commerce: Working Group Participant

Academic Research Working Group on Societal Challenge Areas of Horizon 2020

May 2013

UPLEGESS Congress, Lille : Workshop

Exploring Critical Pedagogy through Action Research

 Agence Clé Innovation Conference, Paris: Opening talk

Panorama International de l’anglais

April 2013

ISTEK ELT, Istanbul : Workshop

Understanding Learner Perceptions through Action Research

TESOL Greece International Convention, Athens : Moderated the debate between Luke Prodromou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and David Bish, EF English First

Technology and Teaching

TESOL Greece International Convention, Athens : Talk with Roy Bicknell, Horizon Interlingua

Constructing Classroom Dynamics

February 2013

UPLEGESS Workshop, Paris : Workshop with Richard Smith, University of Warwick

Action Research for Language Teachers

December 2012

ELTA Rhine, Cologne : Workshop with Brad Patterson, Kwaga

The Conversation Boost: using Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

November 2012

TESOL France Annual Colloquium: Moderated the debate between Rakesh Bhanot, Freelance and David Bish, EF English First

Technology and Teaching

TESOL France Annual Colloquium: Talk 

Decoding Classroom Dynamics

June 2012

BESIG Summer Symposium: Talk with Brad Patterson, Kwaga

The Conversation Boost: using Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

April 2012

TESOL France: Workshop with Bethany Cagnol, International Customer

Teaching English to Scientists

March 2012

TESOL Greece International Convention, Athens: Talk

Addressing Attitudes and Expectations

November 2011

TESOL France Annual Colloquium: Talk

Addressing Attitudes and Expectations

Current research project:

The implications of English as a Medium of Instruction in French Higher Education

(thoughts, ideas, related interests most welcome:)

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